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farmer harvesting sugar cane. (468)

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Hello friends, everyone knows about sugarcane. But some people only know this much. That he drinks sugarcane juice. They are sugarcane vendors by the side of the road. From there they drink sugarcane juice. But you know. That the farm has its own importance for the farmer. He does his mother's things. Earth is his mother. She gives everything to him. Because it is equal for all. That's why farmers always take care of their crops. He always thinks. What kind of crop can be in the coming days. But soil is very important for sugarcane. The soil here is very good. That's why the harvest is always good. But the farmer reaches the fields only in the morning. There he keeps harvesting his sugarcane crop. He works in both the seasons in summer and winter. Farmers are harvesting sugarcane in the sunlight.

There are many types of soil too. In which both black soil and loamy soil are good. But in which irrigation of land is most important. The arrangement of water is most important. Along with this, it has importance on the sowing of the crop. In which winter sowing can be done in the month of October and November. And irrigation can be done according to the crop. Sugarcane takes 10 to 15 days to grow. But sugarcane is given 6 months to get ready. Because sugarcane always becomes sweet in winter. Then the farmer prepares the soil for his crop. He harvests his crop with the help of a scythe. Sugarcane is always harvested leaving some part above the ground. Sugarcane does not get soiled by this. And clean sugarcane always increases the amount of sugar.

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