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Doing Bitilasana not only strengthens the neck.

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 14 days ago2 min read

All of you must be doing asanas in your home. But some asanas are also like this. Which we can use in our life and be happy. Like it can strengthen your knee, shoulder and hip joints. It also reduces your stress. This asana removes many problems. This also strengthens your wrists. Along with this, shoulders also become stronger. By doing this asana continuously, the fatigue of your neck and shoulders is removed. Which we call Bitilasana. This brings flexibility to your spine. Due to which there is flexibility. This asana can improve your posture while sleeping. If you do it daily, your digestive system can become healthy. But an expert is required while doing these asanas. For some reason you are at home. So one should not put too much stress on the neck. If due to some reason the problem is increasing or occurring. So before doing this asana, one should consult a doctor. Only then you will have to continue practicing.


You all know that there are 84 types of asanas. In which you can watch from book or YouTube. Some asanas are also like this. Which keeps our body fit but there are such asanas also. Who is called king. That is called Shirshasana. This asana can become the solution for all. Yoga has been in our history for many years. This keeps us both mentally and physically fit. Let's think about our bodies together one day.

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