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Chrysanthemum plant can be planted in September. (525)

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The right time has come to plant the tree. That's why you can bring seeds from the market. You can buy the plant and bring it. Or you can also plant its crop. Planting of seeds is started in these days. Where there is cold climate. If it rains more then the weather starts changing in the month of September. It starts getting hot during the day and cold at night. You can plant seeds in it in the next month also, the chrysanthemum plant starts blooming soon. It can be seen in many colors. It is found in many varieties. These flowers keep blooming for four to five weeks. That's why I love this flower the most

I do weeding of my plant every week. Because I start planting trees according to the season. I have planted a plant in the house. It has grown again. But very small flowers are coming on that plant, so the seed of this plant has to be changed. For some reason the plant does not grow. So manure and soil are not right in this. But the reason for small flowers is that this seed is native. Therefore, one should always buy seeds after seeing them. Then I go to the nursery to see flowers. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach there. Because I need a good plant this time. Because some plants always look good with big blooms.

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