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Children's art has its own importance. (536)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 16 days ago2 min read


Two days are special for us. I have to work very hard. But then I feel happy. That when my beautiful side can also make art. This is real happiness. I am presenting class 7 art. Some of the kids always make good art. There are some children who don't need me to understand. He keeps learning with time. They only learn to color and draw pictures. I add a new student every day. So today I have taken a girl of class 7. All the girls are very good in this. Who knows how to make art better than me. That's why I feel like learning something new.

I told you from the beginning. I have said that first you have to make the eyes and mouth of the bird. This should be correct. Only then can I make the rest of the things easily and then I start making the wings. Legs have also been made. But the structure of the leg is not good. So I deleted it and tried to recreate it. Then I am explaining to him. How can a picture of a bird be made?

I have given everyone in class this art to make. In which some classes 5, 4, 3 are given to make their own pictures. For some reason the pictures remain incomplete. So I

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I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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