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Champa (Frangipani) is a beautiful and aromatic tree.(581)

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Bought this plant from nursery 6 months ago. I got this plant for just Rs 30. I have planted it here in a 14 inch pot. Because numbers come on the length and width of the pot. I have kept it in a pot for three months. But I have seen that father has planted the sapling in the earth. I have asked Ritu why she has planted this plant on earth. She says that father is planting Tulsi plant. I have said that you can plant this plant. So he has given a plant. Then this plant started growing rapidly.

The name of this plant is called Champa. This plant can be seen everywhere in India. Its leaves remain green for a long time. And the length of the leaves becomes two to three feet. This plant also grows 15 feet tall. In which flowers come in many colors. But I have planted a white flower. But pink and yellow colors are also seen in it. Its beauty fascinates everyone. At night this plant closes with its leaves. Like we take a bed sheet. You can plant this plant in any month. Only water should be consumed on time. This plant does not cause any problem from dust and sunlight. But there are no leaves in winter. But as soon as the weather changes, leaves start coming again.

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