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Celebrating a children's pizza party. (523)

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Hello friend, children are always waiting for the holiday. He understands that we get a chance to go to the restaurant. Those days come four to five times in a month. Then I prepared the program and said that I have to go to the restaurant this evening. Then calls come in the evening. All the children have said that when will you come home. I told you it's on the way. I get them all ready and then I take them to the restaurant. Then together we have pizza and cold drinks. Everyone starts eating pizza together. But my little one needs something else. He says I want potato chips. He is her favourite. I have said that first takes the test of pizza. you can watch the rest later

Then we all go to another restaurant. We have to take sweets from there. But all the children say that we have to eat Rasmalai. I ask my little daughter, what do you want? She says I want to have a packet of chips. It always likes chips. Then we all go to the chip shop. From there he buys a packet of 2 chips for Rs.10. Then I asked if anyone has anything to eat. They all say that our stomachs are full. So I have said that now we all can go home. As soon as we come out of the restaurant. So it's dark outside. All four of us can go home at night. Let's enjoy the pizza party together.

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