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Blockchain is based on new technology.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

First of all what is blockchain

I can't tell from the beginning. But I know enough that a blockchain is based on a new technology. In which all the work is done by computer. It remains connected through a network. in which it is shared between its nodes. But in the blockchain, the database works as a digital one. It stores all the information electronically. This is the most important part of it. In which we work to keep the transaction process safe. You must have seen that bitcoin also works on the blockchain in cryptocurrency. He keeps the record of all the transactions safe. In which no one can delete the record. That record becomes difficult to hack or deceive. In which the impossible is called.


How does Blockchain work?

Makes it very easy for me. Because I have been working on this for a few days. But who happens to be a new person. Their thinking is different. He understands how blockchains work. It can be read in very easy words. Everyone has their own bank account. In which they also see a value money. But that is just your digital information. that is shared with you. In which you understand that we have money safe. Similarly, the foundation of blockchain transactions is laid on the record. Which you cannot change in any way. He is always safe. In which according to my knowledge Blockchain was researched in 1991. And the prediction of bitcoin was also done.

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