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Bhai Dooj is considered to be one of the most auspicious days dedicated to brothers and sisters. (591)

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Today is a very lovely festival for everyone. In which there is a festival between sisters and brothers. This day is created for this reason. In which she also wishes for long life. And then she also applies tilak. Then after going home, food is also arranged. It is Surya's daughter Yamuna who first feeds her brother Yamdev. Then she applies tilak on them. This festival is still happening on that day. It is always made every year according to the Panchang. In which every brother gets Tilak done by his sister. The number 15 is considered the most auspicious till 1:45 pm. That's why this day is special for everyone.

Starting from this morning, Bhai Dooj is being celebrated. But today we don't have to go anywhere. Because elder brother had passed away a few days ago. That's why we have to do Bhai Dooj at home also. Then aunt comes at 11 o'clock. She says that tilak has to be applied. I said that I haven't even taken a bath yet. Therefore some time will have to be given. Then I quickly take a bath. I go on a scooter to buy coconut shells. I have asked everyone to sit. I reach the shop after some time. From there I buy coconut balls worth Rs 150. Then I come home and give it to aunt. After that tilak is done. I have told my wife that you have to take everyone's picture. These days are full of happiness for everyone.

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