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Best wishes to everyone on Dhanteras. (586)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

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Today is a happy day for everyone. In which everyone gets money, this day becomes happy for everyone. In which Dhanteras is celebrated as a festival. According to Ayurveda, Lord Dhanvantir was born on this day. Therefore that day is celebrated as Dhantrayodashi. From that day till now it is known as Dhanteras. This time Dhanteras is on 10th November.

Today we have called all the children to school in the morning. Because after many years, Diwali and Dhanteras are being made in the school. First of all we have started the studies. After that some students have been asked to make Dhanteras. All the students have shown their gifts. In which some gifts are very beautiful. Is a class 4 student. He has made and brought a lamp. In which peacock feathers have been placed in the lamp. He looks very cute burning. Such a wonderful introduction has been given. Then I said that all the students have to decorate their classroom. In which the children together have decorated the entire school. Diyas and balloons have also been installed everywhere.

Some students have brought colors for rangoli. I have said that everyone can make their favorite rangoli. In which it took 1 to 2 hours to make them. I am taking photographs of all the students in sequence. In the beginning the rangoli has been made very beautiful. Always makes a festival special. There is happiness everywhere. So let's enjoy this festival together.

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