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As soon as the weather changes, flowers have started appearing again on the spider lily. (579)

ahlawatPosted for ahlawat Pod Members to comment on, 4 months ago2 min read

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I always do exercises in the morning. But now I have changed my place. The bar in the room is a place that avoids dew. Where I start my exercises. Because exercise keeps my body fit. Therefore you should also do it daily. This provides many benefits. And also keeps your body fit. Then as soon as I come out of the room. So I have seen that the swider lilies have started blooming again. The special thing about this flower is that it blooms only for one day. This is where the flowers start blooming. There 14 buds come together. Each bud produces two to three blooms in a day. I have always liked this plant. Because its leaves remain green for a long time.

Then I noticed that there is no water in this plant. That's why I am giving three glasses of water in it. Because giving excess water can cause the plant to dry up. That's why I keep watering the plants according to the season. Nowadays, plants are increasing every day in the house. In which the plant has to be irrigated daily. There are about 100 pots now. In which a new flower is seen blooming every day. This plant does not require much soil. I have suggested that this plant should be planted only in a 14 to 16 inch pot. Only then can this plant be made even better. Fertilizer works after some leaves of the plant dry. I add that fertilizer to the plant.

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