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A student has make a bird.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read


Hello friends, I started making art with some student. But there are 29 students in our class. In which some student makes art good. In which some students I took last week, but this student has seen very good art. If for some reason there is a deficiency in art, then we fix it together. I have given the priority of the students to the introduction of art. I have included a girl in my art. it is best in its class


Come, let's start making art together. In which first the student's beak and mouth are made. Then we make the wings of the bird. In which the wings separate the view. Then sit on your tree and make the feet of the bird. Then the tree is asked to make. The student makes some mistake somewhere. I try to repair it. The bird is not looking right due to the bad beak in the picture. That's why I correct the bird's beak. Then there is the sight of the leaves of the tree.



I think you will like this post.
Enjoy your Saturday. A good education makes us learn something new in life. Welcome to this Art.
Have a good day.

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