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馃摲 :) 598, It is my daily routine.

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Welcome to my post


I wake up in the morning without an alarm, it is around 4:35 AM. I fall asleep again. I wake up at 5 o'clock. I pray to God while sitting in bed. I come out of the room. I do hot water in the kitchen. I get fresh by drinking hot water. After coming from there, I start exercising. After exercising, I go to take milk. From there I come home with 2 liters of milk. I go to the bathroom for a shower. I am taking a bath while sitting in the bathroom. After some time it is seen that brother has brought jamun. He had gone to get jamun in the morning itself. Then I eat berries and see. Jamun is very tasty. I am going to Khatauli.

Class VIIIthClass IVth

I have reached school. It's 8 o'clock. My son has also come along. He did not come to school yesterday. He goes to his class. I also go to class. I am taking class attendance. Till now only 12 students out of 24 students have come. Then I start teaching them. Some students check the book copy. She is telling me that my work is not complete. That's why I'm completing student assignments in class. Then I have taught class 7, 6, 5. Then I go to class 4. There all the students see the copy. Some students do not complete the work. He completes his work in class.

My Lunch.

It was the afternoon time Then I heat up my lunch. And calling my son. Today we have to have lucnh together. Then I open my lunch box. Potato is a vegetable of brinjal in the food. It is made very tasty. Then we both are having food. After some time I do other work. Students have started arriving. I am doing computer course to students.


It is evening now. Then our electricity went out. Then I call the electrician. And they say that the electricity in our school has gone bad. Electrician comes, he checks our electricity. Some of the wires are screwed together. He separates the wire. I also help Electrician. Soon the power is restored.

My Dinner.

It is evening now. I close my office. And going home. After some time I have reached home. I wash my hands first. Then I go to the room. Reet brings food. The food also has Loki and salad. And mango is also with food. It is made very tasty. It's 9 o'clock. I am feeling sleepy. Then I go to sleep.

My 598th entry

Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone

This is my whaleshares for today. Thanks for reading.

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