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馃摲 :) 338, It is my daily routine.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 12 days ago4 min read

Welcome to my post

It's good to wake up in the morning but sometimes it's late, I wake up at around 5 o'clock, then pray to god for everyone, then do hot water for myself, go to refresh for sometime, to come from there after i start my exercise

morning sunrise in the village

It is 7 o'clock so I go to get milk, now I am on the way and the sun is rising, so I am taking a picture of the village road There is a small river flowing in the middle of our village, there is very little water in it But what makes the village beautiful, then I come home with two kilos of milk from there.

children reading book

Take a quick bath then have breakfast and I am going to Khatauli today I have to reach school early in the morning because I am late so I have reached on time The child is sitting in the class It is 9 o'clock I ask all the children to open the book Children I'm teaching the book to the computer because the kids have finished lesson two, now I'm teaching everyone lesson three

I put a mask on my face

When the child eats at intervals, I sit next to the children and make all the children sit far away and they can eat comfortably. I have made the distance so that he can easily open his launch box and eat

i have given the child a test

It is 11 o'clock, I have given an examination to all the children two days ago, today I have to give the examination of these children because I have completed two lessons in computer, I will get information from the examination, how much children are understanding, this There are children of class three, I have given them 5 questions, they are doing it in their test copy, but some children don't have test copy, they are doing it in their diary.

my son has lunch

It is 1 o'clock so I am calling my son I have opened his lunchbox I have taken his new launchbox because in the coming days he eats lunch in his school hours so I have taken his tiffin from now on, Dal is made in today's food, he likes lentils very little, he eats more spicy, he likes potato parathas or chowmein.

buying goods from shopkeeper
It's evening, I go to the market, I'm buying stuff from there, everyday things are needed in the house, so today I want laundry soap, I take a dozen soaps, I got it for Rs 110 And other items have taken a fort, then I reach another shop, I am buying some clothes there, I have also taken my wife's clothes.

Dinner has potato vegetables and salad

Then both of us are coming home, the road is very crowded, it takes 15 minutes to reach home, first I wash my hands then change clothes, after that I open my computer, I have got some time so I finish my post

It is 8 o'clock, the wife brings food, has prepared potato curry with salad, has also prepared something sweet, keeps on cooking different types of dishes in the house, my wife always cooks the food very well, that vegetable changes the taste. because i like to eat at home

It's 9 o'clock I'm sleepy but I don't have any work right now so I go to sleep

Here is my 338th entry

Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone

This is my whaleshares for today. Thanks for reading.

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