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馃摲 :) 333, It is my daily routine.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read

Welcome to my post

I get up very late in the morning. It's about 5:35 minutes. Then I pray to God for all. I come out of the room. I do hot water for myself. After a while I go to freshen up. After coming from there, I start my exercise.


I am doing my exercises. Suddenly it starts raining. Then I bring my phone. And taking a picture of the rain. And I start exercising again, nowadays it rains in the morning for many days. The weather is changing rapidly.


It's 8 o'clock. I am ready for school. Because I have to go to school on time. But it is raining. So we have to go in the rain. Then I start my bike. I'm going in the rain. After sometime I reach school. First I change my clothes. Because I got wet in the rain.

It's nine o'clock. Today I am teaching children to make art. This is a sixth grade kid. I have given them to make guava. So it is easy for the child to make art.


It's afternoon. Then I am teaching small children to make art. I have given these children to make apples. He is making apples in a copy of his art. This child is of class 3. It was a wonderful art made. A beautiful picture has been made than me.


It's 1 o'clock. Then Mayank comes to me. He says I have to call. I am checking his phone online. He has liked a phone. Liked the Mi 9. We are both watching the video. With this we can get phone information. Everything is online nowadays. it's good for me.


It has been raining since morning. Now it's 4 o'clock. I am preparing to go home. But I can't go because of the rain. So I start working again. I take a picture outside the office. and gets on with his work. It's a lovely day.


Even at 6 o'clock I am working in the office. But the rain is not taking its name to stop. That's why I have closed your office. And coming home. I got wet in the rain. After sometime we come home.

It's 8 o'clock. Then the wife brings the food. Khichdi is made for eating. Khichdi is very tasty. Then I take a picture of my food. And start eating.

Here is my 333th entry

Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone

This is my for today. Thanks for reading.

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