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馃摲 :) 325, It is my daily routine.

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I get up early in the morning. It's about 5:35 minutes. He has been sitting on the bed for some time. I pray to God for all. I do hot water for myself. I'm going to freshen up. After sometime I wash my face. Then I start doing my exercises. I also give hot water to my wife. And she starts exercising too.

It is raining in the morning.

Suddenly it starts raining. The weather is turning very beautiful. My exercise is over. Then I'm taking a picture of the rain. It's 7 o'clock. I am waiting for the rain to stop. Because I want to bring milk. And then go to school. It is still raining. That's why I am working from home.

It has started raining heavily on the way.

I get ready quickly. I go to the kitchen to get breakfast. The rain stops. That's why I make my breakfast early. And I start my bike. We are on our way now. And it starts raining. So we stop under the tree. But a light drop is also coming under the tree. It's 8 o'clock. 8:30 minutes is school time. We will reach on time. So waiting for the rain to stop.

I am writing questions and answers to the children.

The rain stops. Then we go to school. it's so late. But the school did not come on time. Then I go to class. It's nine o'clock. Then I am asking the children to write the answers to the questions. There are 15 children in class 5. Now half the children are coming to class. I am teaching these children. Computer I am doing the work of the first lesson.

Children are drawing a picture of a swan.

It's afternoon. Now I have given the children to draw art drawings. I have given him a picture of a swan. Some children can easily draw this picture. But for some children it is difficult. Children are very cute. After a long time he started coming to school. So it may take time to understand them.

It is raining outside the office.

After a while I start eating. Bhindi curry is made in the food. There is yogurt too. After lunch I start walking. Then I start doing other things.

It's 4 o'clock. it's starting to rain. I am standing outside the office. And watching the rain. it is raining heavily. The weather has turned very nice. Rain gives us a new hope. Everything becomes beautiful. Birds and trees also become beautiful.

I am buying stuff from the shop.

It's 6 o'clock. Then I go to the shop. From there I have to buy soap. The cost of this soap is Rs 45. Then I take three soaps. And all three take the soap bill. Then I go to another shop. From there I have to bring household items. After some time I come home.

Some special vegetables have been prepared for dinner.

It's 8 o'clock. I am sitting in my room. And working on laptop. Wife brings food. She says we have not cooked vegetables in the food. This vegetable is taken from sister-in-law's house. Then I start eating my food. But the food is not good. Contains tomato chutney. and made the second Kerala. Chili is more in both. I don't like to eat chili.

It is 9 o'clock then I go to sister-in-law's house. and ask them. That the food is not cooked properly. It was too chilly to eat. But I have eaten only a few food. Then I come home. And I am working on laptop. It's 10 o'clock. I am feeling sleepy. It's time to sleep.

Here is my 325th entry

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This is my whaleshares for today. Thanks for reading.

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