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馃摲 :) 246, Some bird is sitting on a wire.

ahlawatPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Brother comes to me again. It's about 4:20 minutes. He takes my son with him. And he goes running with both of them. I go to sleep again. But I can't sleep. So I wake up at 5:05 am. Then I pray to God for all. I come out of the room. Then I look up at the sky. that it is a cloud. I do hot water for myself. I use cumin seeds with hot water.

Some bird is sitting on a wire.

Then I start exercising. I do my exercise for an hour. Exercise keeps our body fit. After sometime the wife also gets up and comes. But the stomach ache is telling. That's why she can't exercise today. Then she makes tea for herself.

Many birds come flying to us. That was 5 birds. But I get up and go to him. So every bird flies by the wire. So I take a picture with my phone. Then the other bird also flew away. Now there is only one bird on the wire.

The trees are swinging.

I go to get milk. It's 7 o'clock. Then I reach there with milk. The milkman says That evening one kilo of milk will be available. His cow is not giving milk. Then I move on to the farm.

After sometime I reach the farm. The weather is turning very beautiful. All the trees are twinkling. Trees give us life. But he talks through the air. There are clouds in the sky. Then I take a picture with my phone.

Coming from uncle's buggy.

After some time I start coming home. It's about 9 o'clock. Then I'm on my way. it's starting to rain. But I haven't reached home yet. Then on the way I meet Uncle. I sit in his car. And I tell uncle ji to make your buffalo run fast. Because it can rain at any time. Then we reach the village. I take a picture. The weather is getting weird.

Here is my 246th entry

Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone

This is my for today. Thanks for reading.

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